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Sync Confluence Documents

The Confluence integration for OpenAI Assistants on Runbear allows your assistant to access and synchronize information directly from your Confluence pages. This ensures your assistant is always up-to-date with the latest content from your organization’s knowledge base, without manual updates.

How it Works

Runbear leverages the Confluence API to access and synchronize pages from your Confluence account. We periodically check for updates on the pages you’ve selected to sync with your assistant. When changes are detected, we automatically update the assistant’s vector store with the updated information.

Setting Up Confluence Integration

To access your Confluence pages, you need to provide your API token. The connection only needs to be made once for the organization and is securely stored.

Create and Upload API Token

  1. Subdomain: You can find it in your Confluence URL. Example:
  2. Email: Enter the email address of the account that created the API token.
  3. API Token: Generate it from your Atlassian account settings. Official guide

Configure Confluence Sync in Runbear

  1. In the edit page of your LLM App in Runbear, enter your Confluence subdomain, email address, and API token as shown in the setup form and click "Connect". Confluence Sync Setup

  2. Enter the Confluence page URL you want to sync with your assistant and click "Add". Confluence Sync Add Page

Once the Confluence page is added to the app, Runbear will periodically check for updates and keep the assistant's knowledge base current. Let us know if your pages are not syncing after 1 hour.